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A Comprehensive Framework to Achieving Professional & Personal Peak Performance - Based on 35 Years of Experience

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A Clear Path to

Reaching Your Business Goals

Whether you are just starting or want to scale your business...

Take yourself out of the day-to-day and have some more freedom...

Or prepare it for a merger or acquisition so you can retire...

There's a clear path to getting there.

But do you know what that path looks like?

If you're like most business owners or executives I know, the answer is no.

You might have a general sense of what needs to change, but the world moves quick and just in the past year we've seen the "unexpected" happen over and over again... with many businesses ending up in permanent catchup mode.

So how can you reach your business goals without tearing your hair out or spending 16 hours a day at the office grinding things out with no end in sight?

Step 1 is realizing that:

Business is Simply a

Set of Systems

Interconnected systems. Complex systems. But systems nonetheless.

Yes, some businesses are more complex than others. They might have more systems. More leverage points. More places things can go wrong.

But they're still just a set of systems...

Which leads us to Step 2 which is accepting that:

All Systems Can Be

Changed, Improved, and Perfected...

Pretty straightforward, right?

The tricky part is: you have to do it in the right order, using the right leverage points, and focusing on the right problems.

Otherwise, you'll end up doing what so many businesses do: fixing 1 problem inside one system while 2 more problems pop up elsewhere.

In my 35 years of business & consulting experience, I've narrowed it down to 11 critical systems and their interactions that once solved lead to a healthier, happier business that leads to more freedom, less stress, and easier growth.

But there's one system you always have to start with.

Just like in the human body the brain is responsible for keeping every other system functioning properly, the brain of the business is responsible for keeping all other systems in check.

And the brain of the business is... you!

As a leader in your company, everything you do affects the entire business, whether you like it or not.

If you're not at 100% mentally and physically then your decision making, communication, and stress management will be nowhere near optimal...

And your employees will eventually pick up on that... and follow suit.

That's why it's so critical to address each system in your business in the right order. It's the only way to create a smooth, well-oiled machine that can profitably scale without you having to put out fires day in and day out.

Not Just A Step by Step Process,

But a Framework


I don't just go into the step-by-step process of improving your business inside the course.

Yes, there's a lot of very common challenges and problems you'll face that I go over inside the course.

And yes, there are detailed explanations, guides, and instructions inside the course on which systems to focus on first and how to address the most common and important business challenges...

But that won't always be enough.

Business is filled with ambiguous, one-of-a-kind situations where you have to make a quick decision... which is exactly where frameworks come in.

Each module has stories, examples, and questions for you to think about when you're faced with your own business challenges.

This way you'll not only have everything you need to solve your current problems but also the confidence to systematically tackle everything else you'll face as you run the business.

Here's what's inside:

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Meet Your


Brad Tornberg has provided business consulting, strategy development, project planning and management, business process and workflow evaluation and computer systems and software implementation to clients for over 30 years. His unique experience allows him to oversee the entire management of a client’s technology environment and in some cases evaluate the entire organizational management of the business as well as operational understanding.

Utilizing business process improvement, Brad strives to solve the business issues first and then apply the people, process and technology to help solve them. His role mandates strong interpersonal skills, technical skills and management skills. His responsibilities can also include the restructuring of an organization and employee roles, responsibilities and rates as well as the acquisition of new resources to fill key managerial and technical roles.

Brad has been featured on radio and television and just recently written and published a book titled “The Business Fitness Revolution” which looks at both the Physical and Mental well-being of the C level executive or business owner as well as the overall health and wellness of the business. He also has an NAFC Personal Training Certification so he can work with his clients on their well being as well as their business.

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